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Girlactik Invisible Shadow Primer/Eraser Liner

The ultimate beauty hack!!

Trying to do that straight liner on your lashline or get that perfect smokey smudged look?? Imagine an eraser that would erase any eyeliner mistakes…Introducing the Invisible shadow primer/ eraser.
With just an invisible clear chubby stick, apply it as a liner where you want it cleaned and wipe it away with just a q-tip. The invisible liner makes it easy to remove in a second with a perfect finished eyeliner or a cleaned smudged look. No tissue, no sponges, no wipes, just an invisible liner eraser and a q-tip. It doesn’t stop there…. You can double up and use it as a shadow primer too by applying it on your lid and then apply your eyeshadow on top. This product is a total problem solver and something every girl needs!


Put A Lid On It -Eyelid Primer

Loud and proud, your shadows will never be muted again!  Packaged in an easy-to-squeeze tube, Put A Lid On It dispenses the perfect amount of product.  Apply just a dab before your eyeshadows for color that says what’s on your mind. With the knowledge that your shadows will last all day, your makeup options are endless. Let your eyes say it all…